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Project Scope

• Brand Strategy
• Logo Design
• Web Design
• Signage
• Content Marketing

The Problem

Eaheart & Norris is a law firm that recently formed after two separate law firms merged to appeal to larger international corporate companies in diverse fields such as finance, oil & gas, and technology. Both firms, before the merger, targeted local businesses with a few international prospects, so they needed a new identity to distance themselves from smaller clients to larger corporate ones.


The Solution

Both brands previously were very personal, which appealed to local clients (i.e. Chet Morris law firm, Gordon Mckernan law firm, etc.). The Solution was to rebrand moving away from  “cheesy billboard lawyer” to a professional, sophisticated brand that appealed to corporate clients internationally.

Website Design

The Website serves the purpose of conversion and creating SEO through custom blog posts on the site, which can then be shared on social media for a larger audience reach.

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