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Project Scope

• Logo Design
• Web Design
• Illustrations

The Problem

Many people in Latin America apply for all types of visas to get a chance to live in the United States; however, many are denied and are unsure why. Possibly, they needed to fill out more paper work or they filled out the wrong paper work. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to immigration, but that is where Legal Ezzy comes in.


The Solution

The Solution was simple: design a landing page to increase awareness of different type of visas and their purposes. The design and illustrations give the abstract, complicated topic of US immigration a more approachable and concrete visuals. Visuals are important as the website features other languages, so they must communicate universally.


Website Design

The website features both English and Spanish languages, but we’re hoping to add more languages in the future. For now, the website hosts just the information for US Immigration, but it will serve as the landing page of the Legal Ezzy app once it is launched.

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