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Project Scope

• Logo
• Ui & UX
• Email Marketing

The Problem

Around the country, local fine art communities are constantly struggling to get people to send events or sell works while artists are exhausted with promoting through various outlets (i.e. facebook, instagram, twitter, etc). Also, people who interested in art may miss new, up-coming artists


The Solution

Create an app where:

  • Galleries can find artists, promote their events and work,

  • Artists can have one platform to promote their work and easily communicate with

  • Art lovers can discover new artists, galleries, and events nationally and locally.

The design use the clean, alerting aesthetic to focus on clear communication while not distract from the visuals of the artists’ works.

Also, to help the promotion of the app and artists I designed email blasts to increase reach and conversions.


App Design

The on boarding process features intuitive preference system that allows the user to personalize her own feed with items that they only wish to see.

App Design

The home screen of the app displays any artwork, artist, event or gallery that they might be interested in depending on the data and imput that they provided during the on boarding process. Also, the home screen refreshes with new items that are based on the user's profile, so that it encourages reoccurring use.


App Design

This is the user profile for an artist. The profile screen is streamlined to ensure intuitive use for the artist.

Email Blast Design

The strategy of the email blast are to ensure exposure of artists to art lovers, to increase conversions of sales for artists' works, and to encourage users to participate in the app through rewarding them by featuring them in "Home of the Month".

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