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Project Scope

• Brand Strategy
• Logo Design
• Packaging
• Web Design
• Merchandise Design
• Social Media

The Problem

Geaux Bros. Brewing Company is start up brewing company based in Park City UT. In 2016 they struggled with bringing in repeat customers into their pub/brewery and sales in the alcohol market.

When they hired me, I ran a diagnostic session to understand their pain points and the underlying causes. I discovered a few problems such as lack of brand cohesiveness and lack of targeting focus.


The Solution

Since they were a fairly new company, with plenty of needs. The first part of the solution was a rebrand, which gave them a local, fun, homemade appeal, that would draw-in reoccurring customers looking for a place to relax after a hard day of work.

The second part focused on the packaging. Their previous packaging was all-over the place and had a low shelf presence. To solve this problem, I redesigned the packaging to fit the branding while giving the packing a cohesive design to increase shelf presence.  



Website Design

The Website serves the purpose of conversion and creating SEO through custom blog posts on the site, which can then be shared on social media for a larger audience reach.

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