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Project Scope

• Logo Design
• Branding

• Illustrations

• User Interface Design
• User Experience Design

• Digital Advertising

• Social Media

The Problem

Bookly needed a competitive edge compared to it's competition like the Kindle app, so it was important to create a distinctive brand that was approachable and noticeable. They also needed their product to solve the problem of new users losing interest over time.


The Solution

To design the brand with friendly, colorful visuals that make the brand stand out and to focus on user's with more of a learning/growing mindset vs reading for pleasure.

The user experience was simplified and streamlined for a more personal experience. Also, I added a new feature of a point system where the user earns points by reading and exchanges those points for discounts on books in the user's favorite subjects.

Then, I handled designing the initial marketing collateral, which included organic social media posts, paid social media advertising, and digital advertising.


Home Page Design

The home page streamlined with only subjects that user chooses their interest in. The home page generates new suggestions based on previous purchases, the user's rating of products, similar users' purchases, and other variables.

Point System Page

This page shows the amount of points the user has earned, the average daily reading time, points earned through purchases, and time spend reading during each weekday.


Ui & Ux Design

To the left is a video of the general user's experience of the app which goes from on-boarding all the way to purchasing a book through Bookly.

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