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Project Scope

• User Experience (UX)
• User Interface (UI)
• Web Design

The Problem

Roughly around 60% of foreign labor workers are not on any form of employment board. After interviewing with both foreign and national labor workers, I discovered two main reasons why they were reluctant to use an online job service.

  1. Many of these job services were simply too painstakingly annoying and confusing with too many features (i.e. LinkedIn).

  2. These job services appealed to a very broad spectrum of job opportunities, and those that were specialists in their field of labor couldn’t find the right position.

The Solution

The Solution was to design an app called OBBERS. The goal was to simplify the process for both job seekers and employer, who work in labor intensive sectors such as general construction, industrial construction, service industries, transportation, farming, fishery, and forestry industries.

With the App created, a website was needed to increase awareness and conversion through SEO & SEM strategies.

App Design

The home screen for the job seeker user is completely based on the data gathered through the on-boarding process. Also, the home screen features randomization (but it's still based on the job seeker's preferences), so that it encourage habituation.

Website Design

The Website serves the purpose of conversion and creating SEO through custom blog posts on the site, which can then be shared on social media for a larger audience reach.

Web Design

The website design focuses on displaying the features and demonstrating how the app works to increase conversion rate, while the blog posts serves to increase traffic through SEO. The same content from the blog posts could then be adapted to content marketing for social media. (i.e. Listicle for LinkedIn, a quote from the blog for Twitter, short edit of video post for Facebook and Instagram, etc.)


Job Seeker Experience

Employer Experience

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